I don’t like writing more than anything else, but I think I can do it good.
Even my (ancient) german-teacher recognized my talent. ;)

Oh du kommerzielle Weihnachtszeit (2009)

To be honest, for me it's not easy to get in the mood for Christmas. It's exhausting to be forced listening to Christmas songs all the time and force-fed with lebkuchen by the supermarkets.
But, hold it, it's September...!?
Download "Oh du kommerzielle Weihnachtszeit"

Gedankenflut (2007)

The writing-competition “Wortlaut 07”, which was organized by FM4, sparked my interest and as demanded I wrote a short-story about the topic “flood”. Sadly I apparently didn’t reach the expectations of the jury and so my story about “flood” was not listed in the top 21 stories. However, I’d like to give you the possibility to download my short-story. Of course I’m looking forward to receive some feedback, never mind if it’s positive or negative!
Download "Flood of minds"