Computer, software development, web

I grew up with the computer and in my younger years I began to develop a certain interest for programming. At first it was just BASIC at a learning-computer, later on I attended a "Visual Basic 6"-course.
After this 1-week-course I developed myself and now I'm able to call myself a professional VB-developer. Since a fairly long time I also develop with the latest version.

Of course I wanted to pass on my VB-programs and so I created my first little website. This website just looked like a first website looks like: colourful and nice buttons on it. Begun with simple HTML, nowadays I play with dynamic CMS on PHP and database-basis.


In July 2004 I began with paragliding. Not far away from Vienna the "Hohe Wand", a 100 meter high limestone, is located. Here you can go hiking and even paragliding. I've got a licence for paragliding (the SOPI) and so I'm aloud to fly in every flight-area with my own equipment. I was trained by "Flight training school Fly". Unfortunately I didn't have anough time for that so I had to quit that leisure activity.

Roller coasters, theme parks

My big interest for rollercoasters and theme parks first showed when I was a teenager. In the past I often visited the Prater, but that�s not a reason to call me a freak. My first big theme park was the "Mirabilandia" near Ravenna (Italy). From this day on I spend my vacancy with like-minded people visiting theme parks Europe-wide and maybe soon worldwide.


Since many years I got into musicals, especially "Tanz der Vampire".